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We Were Lovers

Aug 01/2013
by Lisa Babiuk photography Pedersen

When you hear someone say “Saskatoon”, your first thought may not be of a diversely vibrant music scene that is sweeping the country. But don’t let this humble city fool you. Nestled between the prairie landscapes rests a vibrant community of musical talent. And making their way to both national and international recognition is electro-synth duo We Were Lovers. Consisting of members Ash Lamothe and Elsa Gebremichael, WWL has mastered a balance between indie-electric pop with classic rock and roll, creating a sound that’s been compared to the likes of New Order, The Cure, Stevie Nicks and Twin Shadow—just to name a few.

Vocalist Elsa Gebremichael is the first to acknowledge the diverse and eclectic music scene arising from her hometown, saying it’s easy to find every part of the music genre over there. “The scene is pretty damn vibrant,” she says. “It’s been growing into something really beautiful for some time now. I’m confident you’ll hear of more bands coming out of Saskatoon on a national level in the near future.” She believes coming from a smaller town—especially one with such intense winters—has allowed WWL to really take the time to create and write because there is less distraction. Still, it’s the road that inspires them most. “Driving miles on the highway, through the beautiful landscapes of the places we travel, playing and watching… exploring and meeting so many new friends… all of that and more harvests so much creativity and inspiration within us. I love it.”

WWL’s dance numbers and strong stage presence have been well-received by audiences across North America. “We make an effort to play the right shows with bands that have a similar energy,” Elsa says. “A lot of times our shows turn into a dance party, which is the best feeling.”

If you’ve ever been to a We Were Lovers show, you can’t help but notice the undeniable chemistry that takes place between Gebremichael and Lamothe. It’s a mix of music and style that makes this pair a perfect match. “Music and fashion go hand in hand,” Elsa admits. “Both are reflections of who we are creatively as people.” Gebremichael lists women like M.I.A., Janelle Monae and Debbie Harry as influences, and chooses to mix vintage pieces from her collection with modern designs to create looks uniquely her own. “We’re open to trying new things and switching things up, which keeps things interesting and fun.”

WWL has been busy touring across Canada and the States, and is looking forward to the release of their album Pyramids October 2013. “We’ve worked really hard on the album. Now it’s ready to get into the hands of people around the world.”

Something tells me many hands will be open and waiting to snag this anticipated release.


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