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Derek Chadwick

Mar 14/2018
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Twenty-two-year-old model and aspiring actor Derek Chadwick is on the rise. In a millennial dream moment, he was discovered through his growing popularity on Instagram. Charming and unquestionably sexy, the young New Yorker embodies the essence of the perfect 90’s hunk. We spent the day with Derek in L.A. talking about his new career and his thoughts on the industry.

G—How did you get started into modelling?

DC—I’ve always also been in love with fashion. I started using Instagram as a platform to showcase clothing I really liked and then it sort of just kept growing organically from there. I got spotted via Instagram and I’ve been professional modeling for only a few months.

G—What was your first modeling job?

DC—Urban Outfitters. They reached out saying they had a campaign I would be perfect for and gave me the freedom to pick the clothing I wanted to wear.

G—How would you describe your personal style?

DC—90s vintage, I love pastels and faded denim. My personal style is always evolving. 2018 will have lots of different colors and feels.

G—What do you do to stay in shape?

DC—I do a lot of cardio, mainly sprints because it’s a good strong workout while lifting doing light weight training. I was always an active athlete growing up and enjoy playing baseball, tennis or trying new workouts like boxing.

G—What would you say is the biggest misconception about the male modeling industry?

DC—There is much more to our job than just being a pretty face or extremely fit.

G—Beyond modeling you are also an aspiring actor. Can you tell us a bit of your background in acting?

DC—When I was in high school I had joined a couple community theaters which lead to signing with my first acting agent. When I was a freshman, I got an audition with Nickelodeon but my parents couldn’t get off work. I ended up skipping school and took the train to the city.  I think this is really when I realized that it was something I really wanted to do so I studied acting in college and continued attending auditions – recently I’ve had day player roles in TMNT and Blue Bloods!

G—What would be your ideal role?

DC—A super hero! They already have a Captain America but maybe I can play his younger brother… I see myself more as a protagonist but have gone for antagonist roles – depending on the role it is always fun to mix it up. I really love comedy too, probably because naturally I am just really goofy and dorky.

G—Is acting something you will be pursuing more in this year?

DC—Absolutely! I will be jumping back into it full force this year. Acting is my passion and what I see myself doing professionally for the rest of my life.

G—You have an impressive social media following. Do you consider yourself a social media influencer?

DC—I don’t know, probably not. I don’t see myself using Instagram to promote random products, foods, fashion or accessories, etc. It is important to me that it stays 100% me.

G—Do you think your social media persona affects or influences your offline self in anyway (good or bad)?

DC—I am a pretty carefree so I don’t really let my online presence or the response of my post/tweets affect my daily life. At the end of the day I am me, online or off. Having people look at everything you are doing/wearing/thinking can be scary, but I am confident and comfortable with who I am and I enjoy sharing that.

G—What does the rest of 2018 look like for you?

DC—2018 is already off to a great start, I have a great team of agents, managers & friends. I am ready to showcase and share my journey with my followers from social media into the world of film, television, print and maybe a couple other things here and there like writing music.

G—What are all the ways we can follow you?

DC—Instagram @Derekchadwick

Twitter @derekachadwick

Facebook @Derekachadwick