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Christina Milian

Actress, singer, entrepreneur and reality TV star, Christina Milian first tore up the charts in the early 2000s with songs like like “AM to PM” and “Dip it Low”. But in 2016, she wears many hats. Today, the “mom” hat takes precedence. She’ll have to drop off her daughter Violet’s homework at school because they […]



“I’ve never seen it snow while sunny,” Tinashe says as she looks out the window of the Phoenix Concert Theater during the Toronto stop of her Joyride tour. After completing a set of video interviews, Tinashe and I, two of four women in the male-dominated room, cozy up on a couch where we start discussing […]


Francesco Yates

When you grow up wanting to be the next Michael Jackson, then have Pharrell Williams tell you you’re a lot like him, it isn’t a coincidence. For 19-year-old Toronto native Francesco Yates, it took a lot of determination, good advice and, most of all, passion. “Passion is what makes an artist an artist – not […]